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10 pandas to visit Shanghai Expo

2010-01-05 09:37 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown |

Ten giant pandas are preparing to embark on an important mission. The cuddly cubs from Sichuan Province will fly to Shanghai, to help promote the 2010 World Expo.

It's lunchtime in the busy schedule of ten important pandas. They have great appetites because they're still growing. And, they need energy for their long journey ahead.

Tang Chunxiang, Deputy Chief of Panda Research Center, said, "They still need milk. We'll bring some milk powder to Shanghai. Other food like fruits will be locally supplied. We'll also send four keepers and one veterinarian. They'll accompany the pandas during their one-year stay in Shanghai."

Ten giant pandas are preparing to embark on an important mission. The cuddly cubs from Sichuan Province will fly to Shanghai, to help promote the 2010 World Expo.
Ten giant pandas are preparing to embark on an important mission. The 
cuddly cubs from Sichuan Province will fly to Shanghai, to help promote 
the 2010 World Expo.