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Chinese doctors assist Haiti victims

2010-01-18 08:33 BJT

Special Report: Strong Quake Hits Haiti |

China is engaged in a number of efforts to help Haitian citizens and Chinese nationals following the devastating earthquake. A medical assistance station has been set up by the Chinese rescue team in Port-au-Prince. They are working around the clock to provide help to the injured.

A medical assistance station has been set up by the Chinese rescue team in Port-au-Prince. They are working around the clock to provide help to the injured.

A medical assistance station has been set up by the
Chinese rescue team in Port-au-Prince. They are
working around the clock to provide help to the 

Victims are literally crying for help.

Tuesday's earthquake damaged most medical facilities in Port-au-Prince, and killed nearly 80 percent of the city's doctors.

Without sufficient health care supplies and qualified doctors, local hospitals are overwhelmed by the volume of patients.