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Book new year's eve dinner online

2010-02-10 08:39 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |

With Spring Festival just around the corner, one thing that matters most to many people is New Year's Eve Dinner. Families reunite around the table and celebrate with delicious dishes.

Mr. Liu doesn't know his way around the kitchen. But he volunteered to prepare this year's New Year's Eve Dinner for his family.

Mr. Liu said, "I am always busy with my work and my parents usually cook the dinner. This year I want them to have a good rest and booked dinner for six people online."

Online shopping for New Year's Eve dinner means ordering partially prepared or ready-to-eat dishes from online stores or restaurants. The food is delivered nationwide.

Mr. Liu said, "I booked food worth about one thousand yuan. Some comes from Shanghai and Guangdong. We can have local specialities without going there."

Dishes provided by online stores cover everything from appetizers to desserts. There are also various packages priced from hundreds to thousands of yuan. An online retailer calms fears about hygiene.

Xiao Pingyang, Manager of Taiyuan restaurant, said, "All our food has Quality Safety Certification, and is vacuum-packed. The shelf life is marked on the back of the pack."

Commerce authorities also have advice for people ordering food online.

Fan Peilong, Taiyuan Consumer Rights Dept., said, "Customers should check sellers' business qualification and their hygiene permits."

The official also reminds owners of online stores to post certificates on their web pages for consumers' reference.

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