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China's FM: Diplomacy aims for peace

2010-03-08 08:48 BJT

Special Report: 2010 NPC & CPPCC Sessions |

China has urged the United States to respect the country's core interests, adding that it hopes Beijing and Washington can move towards building sound relations. Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi made the remarks at a press conference on the sidelines of the NPC and CPPCC sessions in Beijing on Sunday. He also reviewed the country's diplomatic efforts during the past years and elaborated on plans for 2010.

Reviewing the international situation during the decade and China's diplomatic efforts, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi says the country's position on the world stage has been on the rise.

He also stresses that China's diplomatic plan only aims for peace.

Yang Jiechi said, "As a big developing country, China is braced for unprecedented opportunities and facing many challenges. I believe that with the country's economy and overall strength continuing to rise, China will contribute more to peace and stability in the world to the best of its ability."

However, ups and downs in Sino-US relations might be a demoralizing factor affecting China's diplomatic efforts.

Yang Jiechi says bilateral relations first saw a sound beginning after US president Barack Obama took office.

But he admits that recent US arm sales to Taiwan and meetings between US leaders and the Dalai Lama, have seriously disrupted bilateral ties.

He says the responsibility does not lie with China.

Yang Jiechi said, "Sound Sino-US relations are basic interests of the two countries and the two peoples. They are also conducive to peace, stability and the development of the region and the world. China has always attached importance to its relationship with the United States. We've been pushing forward positive, cooperative and comprehensive Sino-US relations. We hope the United States goes towards the same way."

Yang Jiechi also stresses that Washington must respect China's core interests on Taiwan and Tibet.

Yang Jiechi said, "Should one view the actions taken by a country to defend its core interests and dignity as being tough, and take it for granted that the interests of other countries can be undermined, then where is justice and principles?"

The Foreign Minister says 2010 is a crucial year in continuing to tackle the global financial crisis and promote world economic recovery.

He says China will be very active in carrying out all-around diplomacy this year, with priority given to summit-diplomacy and diplomacy surrounding the Shanghai World Expo.

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