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Google urged to keep its words

2010-03-23 09:02 BJT

Internet search giant Google came under intense fire from Chinese copyright watchdogs as its digital library used Chinese authors' books without their permission. Google promised to offer a reconciliation plan before the end of March. Now the watchdog is demanding the company to keep its promise.

After Google postponed the last round of talks with authors in January, no action has been taken to resolve the dispute. The management at the China Writers Association wants an answer from the company, without further delays.

Yang Chengzhi, China Writers Assoc., said, "Many authors have repeatedly asked us whether Google will break its promise. If Google respects Chinese authors' legal rights, we hope it will implement its promise which it sent to us in a formal text."

Many Chinese authors are enraged over Google's alleged copyright infringement.

Zhang Kangkang, Chinese writer, said, "The sharing of cultural resources should be based on respecting copyrights. Otherwise, it is just an excuse to illegally use other people's works."

There have been three rounds of talks between Google and the China Written Works Society. However, since Google provided a list of books included in its online library last January, no breakthroughs have been made.

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