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Tibetan Culture Museum opens in Beijing

2010-03-29 09:11 BJT

The Tibetan Culture Museum has opened in Beijing. The opening show, entitled "Treasure Mirror of the Snowland", presents a display of artifacts from the plateau, from both past and present. Opening on March the 28th, it corresponds with "Serfs Emancipation Day", which was established last year to mark the profound transformation in Tibet over the previous 50 years.

Opening on March the 28th, it corresponds with "Serfs Emancipation Day", which was established last year to mark the profound transformation in Tibet over the previous 50 years.
Opening on March the 28th, it corresponds with "Serfs Emancipation Day", 
which was established last year to mark the profound transformation in Tibet
over the previous 50 years.

The Tibetan Culture Museum opens to the public on Sunday morning . Housed in the China Tibetology Research Center, the facility has involved more than three years of extensive work. Its seven halls display over two thousand items. They present an objective, wide-ranging view of the plateau's history and tradition, as well as its contemporary prosperity.

In addition to senior officials from central government, the opening ceremony was attended by leading Tibetology researchers. They are delighted to see a new window being opened on the culture of Tibet.

Dramdul, vice director-general of China TibetologyResearch Center,said, "As a researcher of Tibetan origin, I found the exhibition quite remarkable. Of course you can't expect to see the whole of Tibet through a single show. But the items on display allow us to see the essence of Tibetan culture. It is a meaningful experience for those who haven't been to Tibet.

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