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Rain falls on Yunnan province

2010-03-30 08:26 BJT

Southwest China's Yunnan Province finally received a rainfall after months of drought. However, authorities say the rain was not heavy enough to ease the severe drought.

People ride motorcycles in the rain in Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan Province, March 28, 2010. The rainfall brought some relief to parched Yunnan Province on Sunday as a severe drought ravages southwest China.  (Xinhua/Lin Yiguang)
People ride motorcycles in the rain in Kunming, capital of southwest China's
Yunnan Province, March 28, 2010. The rainfall brought some relief to parched
Yunnan Province on Sunday as a severe drought ravages southwest China.
(Xinhua/Lin Yiguang)

Sunday's rain covered several parts of Yunnan Province. Some cities have seen big rainfalls. It brought joy to local residents, but experts say the water volume is not enough to fundamentally ease the drought. Latest weather forecasts show more rainfall is expected in the next 10 days in the drought-hit province.

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