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English ban: Good way to preserve the Chinese language?

2010-04-08 08:28 BJT

An increasing number of Chinese TV viewers are English-literate, especially the younger generation What do they think about this issue? I am now joined by my colleague Wang Guan. So Wang Guan, do Chinese young people think banning English and English abbreviations on TV is a good way to preserve the Chinese language?

Wnag Guan: Well, it's true that much of the English vocabulary has made it into the Chinese language. But, it is also true the other way around. I mean, you find quite a few Chinese expressions in the English vocabulary. For example, food. Many people around the world love Chinese food, and if you ask them what they like they can tell you Kung pao Chi Ting and Ma Po Tofu. Another example. Many of my foreign friends here told me they actually built their homes or arranged their furniture comforming to Chinese "Feng Shui" and in their spare time they watch Kung fu movies. Also some say they are particularly interested in Yin and Yang, which of course represents the Chinese understanding of how things work in life. As we know the outer circle represents everything, while black and white represents the interaction of Yin and Yang, which causes everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white. So we feel that languages are just like Yin and Yang, they can preserve their own uniqueness while absorbing and enriching each other.