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Tibetan monks pray for quake victims

2010-04-24 08:41 BJT

Special Report: 7.1-magnitude Quake Hit Qinghai, China |

Tibetan monks in Sichuan Province were among the first to help rescue people, after the earthquake shook neighboring Qinghai. On Friday, monks continued their prayers and fund raising for the victims.

Tripa Rinpoche, Sexu Temple in Sichuan, said, "The idea is to help the dead to find their way to heaven through the prayer of our Tibetan monks. And it will also comfort the living who believe in Buddhism."

Tripa Rinpoche said, "We belong to an ethnic minority group. The Han people always give us lots of care and love. We are very glad and moved."

Tibetan monks in Sichuan Province were among the first to help rescue people, after the earthquake shook neighboring Qinghai. 
Tibetan monks in Sichuan Province were among the first to help rescue
people, after the earthquake shook neighboring Qinghai.

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