Opening Words

Following the Copenhagen Conference, China set a target of cutting the nation´s carbon intensity by 45 percent by 2020 compared with the level of 2005. Energy conservation and carbon reduction has become a challenge for the government and people of China. Starting today, CCTV begins a special series called "My Low-carbon Life". We profile the small activities that could create big change in society.

CCTV Special Series: My Low-Carbon Life

Episode 7: Corporate sector contributes to China´s low-carbon targets

Tom Hsu said, "The number of computers in the world totals between 700 million to one billion. They produce about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. As the core of a computer, the CPU plays a very important role in the Green Computing concept. We believe the PC installed with our low-carbon and power efficient chips can save energy, by about 20 to 30 percent."

Episode 6: New Nokia building saves energy

Anna Wang said, "We are not as depressed as people who work in a place with little sunlight. You can enjoy the outside view through the large windows. Several days ago my colleagues all stared out the window to see the annular eclipse."

Episode 5: Clean-energy vehicles to reduce emissions around Expo Park

A series of clean-energy vehicles will be put into use during the expo, to move an expected 70 million tourists around the city without producing massive amounts of pollution. Dai Qian takes a look at the vehicles and how they work.

Episode 4: Eating for a low-carbon world

Lu Shi said, "The ancient Chinese believed when heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, and exposes him to starvation. This is exactly how I felt when I started. But now I´m good. My vegetarian friends are happy to know what they eat can affect the climate. There are not many, but we stick to it and try to tell others that this is for a good cause."

Episode 3: Young Chinese lower carbon footprints

Zheng said, "Riding a bicycle takes roughly the same amount of time as using public transportation. But it´s more convenient, and environmentally friendly. It´s also good exercise for me."

Episode 2: Low carbon living on the way

Low-carbon promoter Zhu Fengying said, "Saving energy is every citizen´s responsibility. I went to the Miyun Reservoir more than ten years ago. But when I went back a few years ago, I found the water level was much lower and was not as clear as before. We are running out of clean water. Actually the whole world is short of water. It is not acceptable to waste it. We must save it."

Episode 1: A new trend

Lin said, " Paper cups are made from cutting forests. We should try not to use them, or select the smaller ones when we do. Because trees can absorb carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gas."