Yang Jiechi, Foreign Minister

"China´s 60 years of diplomatic endeavor has given us a great legacy. One is China always upholds the principal of independent foreign policy of peace, the other is always taking consideration of both foreign and domestic strategies."

Liang Guanglie, Defense Minister

"Today´s PLA represents the country´s image. By taking part in global anti-terror and peacekeeping missions, we want to show that China is a responsible country. ... By 2050, we hope to fully modernize the PLA and national defense."

Li Yizhong, Industry Minister

"We need to use information technology and high-tech industries, to upgrade traditional industries and expand industrialization. It´s more important to combine industry with information technology."

Zhou Xiaochuan, PBOC governor

"The stability of RMB was realized by currency policy. We should take four targets into consideration ... maintaining currency stability, low inflation, economic development and international balance between income and expenditure."

Yin Weimin, Labour Minister

"Our new concept of talent puts people first and focuses on the roles they play in social and economic activities. The people, after all, are the most basic, most active, and most decisive factor in any society."

Chen Deming, Commerce Minister

"The most important thing is that we have to stay on a path with Chinese characteristics. We can use foreign countries´ experiences for reference, without copying their styles."

Ma Wen, Supervision Minister

"We are not in a safe box. The Ministry invited more than 30 people as special supervisors. One (of the responsibilities) is to help us with our task of supervision. The other is to supervise us, which is quite helpful for discovering weaknesses."

Chen Zhu, Health Minister

"11% to 12% of our country´s population was infected by hepatitis B during that period (before 2002). Now the number decreased to 7 percent. Our next target is immunizing against Hepatitis B. Vaccine for unvaccinated children under 15."

Zhou Ji, Education Minister

"I think there are four reasons behind the accomplishments -- emphasis from the government, support of the people, the dedication of our educators, and perseverance to reform and opening up."

Cai Wu, Culture Minister

The reform of the cultural system doesn´t mean pushing all the artists to the market. First, the key part of the reform is to develop the public cultural industry. Second, we cultivate the cultural industry into a mature market entity."