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The new and improved Culture Express is dedicated to giving viewers updated reports on Chinese cultural news and events. Each of the seven segments deals with a particular aspect of Chinese culture.

The List:

Find out what made famous artists who they are today. Learn their passions and what they draw on for inspiration. "The List" takes you into the worlds of painters, designers, singers, actors, and many other fascinating artists.

Life stories and inspired lives


Stylewatch is your guide for the season's best ways to dress up and dress down. Get insider information on the hottest places to be and the coolest games to play. It's what's in and what's out. It's Stylewatch.

Nothing is off our radar.


Our reporters are constantly on the watch for new developments and classic traditions in arts and culture. Spotlight gives you in-depth reports on the latest cultural happenings around China. It's a revealing look behind the scenes with expert commentary.

What, where, when and why


You might not get the chance to sit down with Yo Yo Ma or David Copperfield, but our host Ji Xiaojun does. He asks famous people questions that you want the answers to.

Nothing is off-limits.


Feeling overwhelmed in your local library or bookstore? Instead of thumbing through endless pages looking for that great novel or biography, watch Bookshelf. Ji Xiaojun takes a shortcut through the isles of books to meet the authors and find out what the experts are recommending.

Make your life inspired.


From a film festival in Shanghai to a charity concert in London, Culture Express is your source for the most exciting cultural and entertainment events around the globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

24/7 keeps you informed.


Chinese food probably has more flavors than any other cuisine. Our Zoe travels far and wide to try exotic, mouth-watering dishes, and brings you the secret recipes that give Chinese food its aroma,taste, and texture.

Chopsticks: There's something to chew on.

In addition to being a melting pot of the traditional and the modern, as well as a bridge between the East and the West, Culture Express is also a trend-setter.

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