Museum shows history of Chinese writing

2009-11-18 08:57 BJT


The Chinese civilization boasts the world's oldest continuous written languages. On Monday, that literary tradition was honored with the opening of the National Museum of Chinese Writing.

The new National Museum of Chinese Writing is in Anyang City, in Henan province. Former Chinese president Jiang Zemin contributed his calligraphy to the institute's title.

Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee officially opened the museum and then viewed the major items in its collection. Among them are the oracle bones unearthed at the Shang Dynasty site, relics about the evolution of Chinese writing, and samples of scripts from China's ethnic minorities.

Li Changchun noted the significant role of a writing system as a carrier of a culture and civilization. As an expression of China's vitality and creativity, Chinese writing has made essential contribution to the formation of the national identity. He pointed out that the museum has filled a blank in China's cultural research and hopes that further efforts will be made to extend and deepen the study and promotion of the Chinese language and culture.

Also attending the opening were state counsellor Liu Yandong and senior officials from the Culture Ministry.

The National Museum of Chinese Writing is China's first museum dedicated to the country's writing system. It's collection of over four thousand items is presented in the sections covering the evolution of Chinese writing, history of Chinese calligraphy, and the writing systems of China's ethnic minorities.