"My Own Swordsman" goes cartoon, won big at 4th Beijing International Student Animation Festiv

2009-11-24 09:22 BJT


TV sitcom "My Own Swordsman" swept across China in 2006, winning a solid fan base for its hilarious script and screwball style. Recently the popular series has been adapted into an animated version, which won big at the 4th Beijing International Student Animation Festival.

The animated version is still at the helm of Ning Caishen, who directed the TV series. The cartoon stays faithful to the original, retaining major cast members including Guo Furong, Bai Zhantang, and Tong Xiangyu. Thanks to some hard-working graphic designers, these fictional figures bear an excellent likeness to their real-life performers, such as actresses Yao Chen and Yan Ni. Even their facial expressions are the same.

Qi Bojun, Director of Animation "My Own Swordsman", said, What we are pursuing is not merely the same looks and gestures of the original actors. We're trying to make the animation characters more adorable, more cartoon-like."

Apart from the hilarious catchphrase in the original sitcom, there are also new elements incorporated into the animation version, such as pets.