Lanzhou 1949 aims at a local audience

2009-11-27 09:11 BJT


The liberation of Lanzhou was a crucial battle during the liberation process of northwest China before the founding of the republic in 1949. Now, this historical turning point has been made into a film, one that has received high acclaim from critics when it went into limited release here in Beijing.

"Lanzhou 1949" revolves around the battle for liberation of Lanzhou, the crucial route to the further northwest parts of China. Staying true to history, the PLA No.1 Field Army wins the battle and the city is liberated.

The film features stars Zhang Guangbei from the hit TV series "Drawing Sword", as a Kuomintang general who defends the city... and Wang Siyi, who plays a lady supporting the revolutionary side.

Zhong Chengxiang, film critic, said, "It's a down-to-earth creation. It's thought provoking and aims at a high artistic standard. It's rare among films nowadays."

Digital film "Lanzhou 1949" will be broadcast at CCTV's film channel in December. As for theater viewing, the film targets a local audience, like residents in Gansu province, and even people living in villages in northwest China.

Ding Ruwei, producer of "Lanzhou 1949", said, "We'll use the digital cineprojector, put it onto the microbus, and release the film in towns and villages around Lanzhou, and to a wider scope the whole northwest China. We have positioned our market among local audience."

The film will avoid the year end competition in major Chinese cities, and aim for a local audience that can relate to the film more easily. This is a novel idea for a local film to win at the box office.

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