Santa Claus Championships hit Switzerland and Germany

2009-12-03 08:42 BJT


With Christmas just around the corner, the Santa Claus Championships were held in Switzerland and Germany on Saturday. The creative skills of each Saint Nick were put to the test in various competitions, from climbing the chimney to decorating gingerbread.

Twenty Santa teams from all over the world competed at the annual Santa Claus World Championships in Switzerland on Saturday.

The contest began with the Santa teams parading through the host town of Samnaun.

The Santas then had to compete in various disciplines, including Santa's bobsled, organizing Christmas presents, and of course, climbing the chimney.

The winning team from Thusis, Switzerland, was awarded 5,000 US dollars.

Christoph Kunz, head of Tourist Office, Samnaun, said, "On the one hand, Santa has to be creative. He must have spirit, he also must have something in his head and the combination of all. This is what makes a Santa Claus, and these are the qualities awarded here at the Santa Claus World Championship."

In Germany, the annual Santa Championships took place in the town of Celle on Saturday, this year with a female Santa in the mix of big, jolly, bearded men.

The Santas battled it out for the top title in various disciplines including comforting upset children, sled slalom, and the building and decorating of gingerbread houses.

The Santas could later be seen making their way through the busy streets of Celle's old town handing out lolly pops and other goodies.

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