Film highlights the people of Macao premieres

2009-12-08 08:45 BJT

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A film highlighting the life of people living in Macao, recently premiered in Beijing. The mainland Macao joint film describes local life during the ten years since Macao returned to China.

Film "Diago" is adapted by Macao writer Liao Zixin from her award-winning novel "Diago's Psychedelic World". It tells of locals, facing changes in their lives upon the region's return to China in 1999.

Lead role Diago is a policeman. His father is Portuguese, but they have never met. Days before the return of Macao to China, Diago travels to Portugal on a journey to seek his roots. It is a place he has longed to visit.

Zhang Chi, director of "Diago", said, "Diago is a story about seeking. Everyone is seeking, the male lead is seeking his roots, the female lead is seeking her love. Another girl is seeking her dream. This theme is something every one can relate to. Maybe everyone is seeking."

The male lead is played by Hong Kong actor Wu Jialong who has both Chinese and English heritage. Another male role is played by an actor from Macao. Two female lead actresses are from the mainland. The film is one of the few to tell the lives of locals in Macao.

Carl Woo, lead actor, said, "I was under a lot of pressure when the shooting started. I had many problems communicating with other cast members. But when shooting completed, I was very happy, at ease and satisfied."

Shot in Macao and Portugal, the film showcases Macao's cultural heritage and architecture, along with the gorgeous Lisbon coast. The film will be released December 18th.

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