Macao anniversary songs released

2009-12-09 09:02 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |


On the tenth anniversary of Macao's return to China, the Special Administrative Region's government has held a competition to find the best songs to celebrate the occasion. Three songs were chosen. One titled "A Wonderful Place" was released on Sunday.

The music video for the song is a panorama of Macao's architecture, landscape, people and changes over the past ten years.

The song is the brainchild of a Macao local musician Leo lei. He says it is an authentic made-in-Macao work, and also blends western elements.

Leo Lei, musician, said, "The lyrics are half Mandarin, half English, so both Chinese and foreigners will understand. Also I have combined traditional Chinese musical instruments such as the Erhu, Pipa and Zither with the electric guitar and piano, to show the east-meets-west background of Macao."

Nine Macao singers contributed vocals for the song, including a six-year-old girl, Han Yiqing.

The other two winning songs, "Song of Macao" and "Prosperous Lotus" will be unveiled to the public soon.

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