Creative art flourishes in Macao

2009-12-16 09:35 BJT

Special Report: Macao 10 Years On |

St. Lazarus Parish is one of the SAR's oldest and most beautiful areas. Today, the parish is a magnet for young artists who are breathing new life into this neighborhood that functions like a window in time.

In a typical Portuguese-style courtyard, a group of young painters are concentrating on several sculptures. Every day, they get together in this former church to create whatever they like. Today, they are letting their imaginations run wild with the theme "Return".

Lin Jiahao, Artist, said, "The title of my work is 'Candy'. As you know, having candy is a very happy thing, especially to me as a child ten years ago. Macao's Return was also a great pleasure to all of us. This is a metaphor to describe my feelings right now."

Lin Jiahao, Artist, said, "Putting this little hand and this bigger hand together remind people of the relation between a child and its mother. This applies to Macao and China."

In this 400-year-old parish, creative art and culture are forming images of a brand new Macao. Despite their young age, these fledgling artists are dreaming big in the flourishing Macao.