A novel form of expression through sand

2009-12-22 10:32 BJT


Producing a fine work of art from a handful of sand, might seem like a challenging task, but Beijing's Su Dabao has proven beauty can be shaped from almost anything. First started abroad, the art of sand painting is finding a home in China.

Performing sketches in the sand with an overhead projector, Su Dabao has extensive experience in both painting and stage performances. Many audience members have found the art work, a novel form of storytelling.

Imported from overseas a few years ago, sand painting is gradually being recognized for its uniqueness and creativity in its expression, and elegant form. Few artists in Beijing are capable of mastering the technique, with experts usually having certain foundations in both fine arts and stage experience.

Su Dabao, sand artist, said, "I learned to draw from an early age, I also do magic on stage. The paintings by masters from abroad blows my mind. So I decided to draw myself."

Sand painting is considered a fleeting art. But to accomplish it takes years of practice.

Su Dabao said, "Sand painting demands one's overall ability to convey a message. Everybody could learn to do it. "

More plans are underway to spread the art. Su Dabao is currently writing the texts of sand painting. He decided to open training courses to bring sand painting to the wider public.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com