TV drama "I'm Your Son" begins filming

2010-01-11 10:36 BJT

Mainland actor Wu Gang, who shot to fame overnight for his performance in the TV series "Undercover", is now busy filming another TV drama called "I'm Your Son".

On location, Wu Gang is a father who is chided by his son's teacher for the boy's low scores.

But when talking about his son in real life, Wu Gang's eyes light up.

Wu Gang, actor, said, "My son is growing every day. His principal task at the moment is to study. Of course children like him love to play, that's their nature. I need to ensure he's studying hard, while playing hard."

Still of TV drama "I'm Your Son"
Still of TV drama "I'm Your Son"

While a communication gap exists between father and son in the series, Wu Gang faces no such problem in real life.

Wu Gang said, "Technically, I'm not disciplining my son. We have fun together, we discuss things together. That's just the way my family goes."

TV series "I'm Your Son" is under the direction of Tang Danian, and Sun Rui contributed the scenarios. Tang says the drama interprets the bitter-sweet relationship between father and son in a hilarious way.

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