"Legend", China's first time-travel TV series

2010-01-11 13:57 BJT


Entering the new year, the Chinese small screen continues to thrive, as a string of ambitious productions hit the airwaves. In today's spotlight, we focus on one of the best of them, the new TV series "Legend."

On January 2nd, the TV series "Legend" aired on the TV drama channel of China Central Television. The show is promoted as the country's first time-travel mythology TV production, and is an adaptation from the blockbuster movie of the same title. The popular movie starred Jackie Chan, but for the TV version, the actor has assumed the role of Chief Supervisor. Stanley Tong and Jeffrey Chiang are also in on the project as artistic supervisor and director respectively. Leading the cast are Hu Ge and Zhang Meng, who are supported by big names like Ren Quan and Bai Bing.

Poster of "Legend"
Poster of "Legend"

The story is about time travel, romance, family love, and brotherhood. Hu Ge plays the role Yi Xiaochuan, a modern-day archeologist who travels to ancient times and becomes a national hero and noble warrior. A parallel story follows a romance that spans a thousand years. The show is a combination of ancient epic, modern style, legendary mystery, and intense suspense.

Hu Ge said that he took the role because he was attracted to the compelling story.

The 50-episode production fully reflects the contrasts between ancient and modern times. Apart from his startling, inappropriate, and sometimes hilarious vernacular, Hu Ge's role brought a whole array of modern gadgets like a mobile phone and a digital watch to the past.

Hu Ge said, "It's not so startling. The story is about time traveling. So it is quite natural that modern language and stuff appears in the past. It's quite within expectations. I think it's a major attraction of the show. In terms of subject matter, the show bears a certain resemblance with Xun Qin Ji. But each era has its own distinctive features. For instance, this year is 2010. If we travelled back to Qin Dynasty, we will bring lots of 2010 stuff to that period."

As Chief Supervisor, Jackie Chan displayed much concern for the quality of the production. At a promotion for the show, he expressed his hope that more new actors will become famous through the production.

One rising star is Zhang Meng who plays multiple roles in the production. In addition to portraying a fashionable modern-day young woman, she also plays a lady of great beauty and elegance from antiquity.

It is said that eight renowned TV producers and directors have pledged their support for the show. They include Zhang Guoli, Jiang Wei, Zhang Jing, Wu Yi, Ding Xin, Li Yang, Ma Zhongjun, and Zhao Junkai. Also, some veteran entertainers attached much hope to the production.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com