Five most popular TV series of 2009

2010-01-11 15:09 BJT

A winter chill is keeping people from going out in Beijing lately. But for those who curl up in front of the TV every night, there have been a lot of excellent dramas to select from. On today's Countdown, we review the five most popular TV series on Chinese TV in 2009.

No.5 "Go West"

It follows a young scholar, Tian Qing who leaves his native Shanxi Province in search of a new life in Inner Mongolia. The TV drama recalls the great migration of Chinese people last century. Tian Qing, played by Du Chun, is tortured by changes in his family. An impoverished life forces him to leave home, passing over the Great Wall striving for a life in the Inner Mongolian grassland. As the CCTV opening TV series of 2009, the series depicts the characters' persistence and courage. Statistics show the show registered an average viewing rate of 9.6 percent. The highest rating for a CCTV series since 2002.

No.4 "Distinguished Family"

Set in Shanghai in the early 20th century, the TV series sculpts the national capitalists' contribution to Chinese industry and commerce by unfolding the competitions among the merchant Du Brothers, colonists, warlords and bureaucratic capitalists. It is the first TV production to decode the origination and development of national capitalism. The title "Distinguished Family" not only indicates a family flourishing, but also the ideal of the entire nation's prosperity.

No.3 "Undercover"

After Japan surrendered in 1945, Communist Party member Yu Zecheng, played by Sun Honglei starts his undercover adventure in Kuomintang's highest spy organization. His beloved girlfriend, Zuo Lan joins the Communist Party and the couple can only keep their passion hidden. Cuiping, who is disguised as Yu's wife, is a crude and short-tempered woman that makes Yu's life and mission more complicated and dangerous. When the People's Republic of China was founded and Yu was asked for a new mission, he realizes he has fallen in love with Cuiping. But their fate was uncertain. The TV series blends passionate elements, with national confidentiality, life, belief, love, sacrifice, ideals and identity. Both heroes and villains in the drama are loyal to their beliefs, which was a hit viewers. After watching the drama, people are more aware of unknown heroes.

No.2 "The North Wind Blows"

In winter of 1975, a young intellectual Shuaizi is punished for reading a banned book. Niu Xianhua, a rural girl is asked to educate him. The two youngsters have different backgrounds, but fall in love. The 36-episode series, starring Xia Yu and Yan Ni, is full of nostalgia. Avoiding melancholy, the drama is replete with romance and comedy and became a favorite with audiences.

No.1 "Who Bosses My Youth"

Zhao Qingchu has to make a choice between sense and sensibility. Qian Xiaoyang pursues freedom and suffers from the mistake. Li Pili strives to break from tradition. Today's young ladies are planning their lives based on their own wills. Renowned director Zhao Baogang showcases the young spirits' optimism facing the ruthless society by portraying the three girls. With refreshing pictures and comedic dialogue, the TV series became a favorite among the younger generation in 2009.

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