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2010-01-18 10:39 BJT


The daughter of a Mongolian singing star, has stepped out of her family's shadow and released her own self-titled album. Norma's father is Buren Bayaer, well known for his popular hit "Three Lucky Treasures." Her newly released CD is a compilation of songs she penned herself, between the ages of six and sixteen.

"Three Lucky Treasures" became a Chinese hit after Buren Bayaer's performance at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

"Three Lucky Treasures" became a Chinese hit after Buren Bayaer's performance
at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. 

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He later revealed it was Norma who inspired the lyrics, based on his family life. When Norma was just eight, she was able to perform "Three Lucky Treasures" with her parents. And at the same tender age, she composed her very first song, "In Ulan Bator, My Papa".

When she was fifteen, Norma had already composed more than 70 songs. The talented teenager released her debut album when she reached 18, a way to celebrate her adulthood.

Norma was born into a Mongolian Family in 1991. She was exposed to Mongolian ballads at an early age, thanks to her musician parents. Buren and Urna Bayaer. Urna is a well-known artist in the Ewenki ethnic group. The family tradition deeply influenced Norma and helped her polish her music skills.

Although Buren is famous for"Three Lucky Treasures", few people know that Norma and her mum were also the original singers.