"College Days of a Dog" begins filming

2010-01-25 09:38 BJT

"College Days of a Dog" began filming Tuesday in Beijing. Director Lu Zhengyu joined major cast members Xue Zhiqian and Lin Yuan at the news conference to promote the movie.

"College Days of a Dog" boasts no big names in its cast and crew. The team consists of young people born during the 1980's in China. Cast members say they want to create a film that truly reflects the life style of the so-called post 80s generation.

Xue Zhiqian said, "I think those born in the 1980s are now in the phase of struggling for a better life. They have dreams and plans for their future, although some even don't know what their lives will be. I'm right now in this very phase, so I happily received the offer right after the director invited me to join the team."