"College Days of a Dog" begins filming

2010-01-25 09:38 BJT

Although the name "College Days of a Dog" sounds a bit weird, cast members explained the film does center on a canine.

"College Days of a Dog" boasts no big names in its cast and crew. The team 
consists of young people born during the 1980's in China.

Xue Zhiqian and Lin Yuan play a pair of lovers in the film. Supporting roles consist of a team of mischief makers, including a notorious boy on the Internet known for his signature chubby cheeks, and a girl who uploaded a fun-packed video clip viewed by over 25 million netizens.

The filming of "College Days of a Dog" is scheduled to be complete in February. It will be released in April.

Editor: Yang Jie | Source: CCTV.com