"Confucius" premieres on big screen

2010-01-25 10:49 BJT

Co-produced by Beijing's Dadi Century Films and the China Film Group, epic bio-pic "Confucius" finally premiered on Friday. Directed by Hu Mei, and starring Chow Yun-Fat, the highly-anticipated movie on the greatest thinker and philosopher in Chinese history aims at sharing the market currently dominated by 3D blockbuster "Avatar."

Director Hu Mei was accompanied by leads Chow Yun-Fat and Zhou Xun, as well as the production crew, to the star-studded premiere in Beijing. "Confucius" has already set a record, with 2,500 copies distributed across the country. This figure even outnumbers the previous distribution record holder, and 2009 box office champion, "The Founding Of A Republic," which sent out 1,450 copies.

Now "Confucius" is about to scramble audience attention away from the reigning smash hit, "Avatar."

Zhou Xun, who has frequented acting awards in recent years, and Chow Yun-Fat, who has forged a sturdy fan-base for decades with his gangster thrillers, talked excitedly about their cross-generation cooperation.

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