Xu Qing's new TV drama "Blossoming of Beautiful Flowers"

2010-01-25 10:49 BJT

Shooting recently concluded for the urban-love TV drama "Blossoming of Beautiful Flowers". The production features the performance of Xu Qing. In the story, she plays a woman named Ye Guo, who gives up her own love, for the fulfillment of her younger sister and husband.

"Blossoming of Beautiful Flowers" was produced by Mr. Gao Xixi, who has been behind many hit TV series. Among them are Flower-like Happiness, Romance of Three Kingdoms, The Snipers, and The Sky of History. Leading the cast are Xu Qing and Shao Feng. The title comes from the lyrics of a popular 1980's classic.

When commenting on the tragic end of her role in the drama, Xu Qing says departure might be the best choice for her role. The reason is she is too kind to hurt the feelings of anybody but herself. The production is Xu Qing's first small-screen role since joining the entertainment firm, Huayi Brothers last December.