Chinese TV programs do well overseas

2010-01-26 08:24 BJT

In 2009, Chinese TV programs successfully overcame the global recession and expanded into the overseas market.

Documentaries reflecting China's culture, history, geography, social and economic development were released in countries like France, Belgium, the United States, Russia, Arab countries and Africa last year. It provides access to understand the traditional and modern China.

2009 was also a big year for cartoons and TV dramas. Around 200-hours of animated productions were released by China International Television Corporation, as well as 150 TV dramas. The programs have been broadcast in over a hundred countries and regions.

While industry insiders point out that besides the cultural gap between the eastern and western cultures, quality is the key that may effect the export.

Cheng Chunli, sales manager of Program Agency, China Int'l TV Corp., said, "The way we tell stories, the tempo of storytelling and shooting technology need to be improved. TV drama makers spend a fortune to set up extravagant scenes but neglect the storytelling. And the whole production is coarse."

China's original cartoon production is also facing a similar situation. Only a few Chinese people above 14 years old are fans of Chinese animation.

A 2009 urban theme drama "Tears of the heart" is a good example of success. Under the joint effort of a Chinese and an overseas production team, the drama sold well in over 20 countries and regions, with 50 thousand US dollars per episode. Experts believe that overseas collaborations are a feasible way to export Chinese TV productions.

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