Veteran oil painter Jin Shangyi

2010-01-28 15:03 BJT


Oil painting has been popular in China for a century. Several generations of Chinese artists, have placed oil painting in a position of prominence in modern Chinese art.

On today's List, we will tell you about Jin Shangyi, a veteran oil painter in China. Once president of China's most prestigious academy of fine arts, he's now Chairman of the Chinese National Artists' Association. For all his achievement, he considers oil painting his hobby.

Jin Shangyi and his painting
Jin Shangyi and his painting

At the Central Academy of Fine Arts, during a 1983 exhibition, this oil painting, Tajike Bride, captured the attention of visitors for its neoclassicist style. The painter: Jin Shangyi, Chairman of the Chinese National Artists' Association and former President of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Jin Shangyi is a third generation Chinese oil painting master. There has been only one exhibition of his work, however. That was in 2005, just after he turned 71.

This is the true Jin Shangyi, a man who made remarkable contributions depicting Chinese figures in oils. He is considered an icon of Chinese oil painting in the new era.