TV drama based on Peking Opera star to be aired

2010-01-29 08:39 BJT


TV series "Tears of Pear Flower," is preparing to hit the small screen. The drama, based on a Peking opera singer, stars mainland actress Sun Ning and veteran Taiwan actor Kou Zhenhai.

"Tears of Pear Flower" is set in a Peking Opera troupe in the south of the Yangtze River, during the war of resistance against Japanese aggression. It centers on the life and career of female Peking opera star, Ye Ruping, during the 1930s and 40s.

Still of TV series "Tears of Pear Flower" 
Still of TV series "Tears of Pear Flower" 

Young actress Sun Ning had to learn the skills of Peking opera singing and performing. She performed an excerpt during a promotion for the TV series.

Sun Ning said, "Although singing and performing Peking Opera only accounts for one tenth of my role, it takes one third of the shooting time. I had to perform all female role types within Peking Opera. In addition, I have to wear heavy oil make up for fourteen hours a day, a professional Peking Opera performer only needs to wear it two hours a day."

Tears of Pear Flower has wrapped shooting and entered post production.

It will be broadcast on CCTV channels at the end of the year.