Ethnic singers join hands at CCTV gala

2010-02-03 09:01 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |


Preparations for the CCTV Spring Festival Gala are in full swing. A dress rehearsal was held on Monday night at the CCTV studio. Capturing a lot of the attention was a group of ethnic singers from around the country.

Ahatbaker Kader leads the group of ethnic singers. He and his fellow performers penned a song especially for the Spring festival Gala titled "Yakexi The Policy of the Communist Party", meaning "The Policy of the Communist Party is Good".

Ahatbaker Kader leads the group of ethnic singers. He and his fellow performers penned a song especially for the Spring festival Gala titled "Yakexi The Policy of the Communist Party", meaning "The Policy of the Communist Party is Good".
Ahatbaker Kader leads the group of ethnic singers. He and his fellow performers
penned a song especially for the Spring festival Gala titled "Yakexi The Policy
of the Communist Party", meaning "The Policy of the Communist Party is Good".

The elaborate piece incorporates modern music elements like rap, into an ethnic tune. It was an instant hit with the directing team.

Kader says he never expected to perform on the CCTV studio stage... and be watched by countless people in China and around the world.

Ahatabaker. Kader, ethnic singer, said, "I've been practicing everyday at the No.1 CCTV studio. I feel I'm greatly honored and under pressure."

Kader has downloaded the song onto his MP3 player and mobile phone so he can listen to it everyday. He wants to perfect the performance, which manifests the solidarity of the Chinese nation.