Acrobatics set for Spring Festival Gala

2010-02-03 09:01 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |


An acrobatics show is an indispensable part of every year's Spring Festival Gala. But only one ticket is handed out to the best among the numerous competing troupes. This year, the overall winner is an acrobatic troupe from Shandong Province which has just come back with an international prize.

This year's acrobatic show to grace the Spring Festival Gala has been chosen out after a six-month-long selection.

This year, the overall winner is an acrobatic troupe from Shandong Province which has just come back with an international prize.
This year, the overall winner is an acrobatic troupe from Shandong Province 
which has just come back with an international prize.

The winning show, titled "Man Juggling", has just netted the top "Golden Clown" award at the 2010 International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo in Monaco.

The original show is staged with a cast of 21 men performing a variety of breath-taking pitching and catching moves.

However, to fit onto the gala stage, the show has been artistically elevated to promise a visual feast.

According to the director, the show has been repackaged with a main message about the harmony between humans and nature. The background will be designed as a dazzling world, and the players will be dressed like mysterious creatures living in the sea.

The stage designers will add even more glamour to the stunt show with dynamic lighting and music.

The new title of the show is yet to be decided.