TV drama features archeological site in Sichuan

2010-02-08 08:55 BJT


Jin Sha, or Golden Sands, is an archeological site in southwest China's Sichuan Province. It flourished about 3,000 years ago. Now the enigmatic site provides the backdrop for a costume drama.

Among the leading cast members are several performers capturing the bulk of attention.

Stars Jin Qiaoqiao and Gan Tingting, got a rare opportunity to visit with the pandas.
Stars Jin Qiaoqiao and Gan Tingting, got a rare opportunity to visit with the

Other cast members say the pandas are an integral part of the story because they are regarded as a sacred animal, appearing at critical moments.

Stars Jin Qiaoqiao and Gan Tingting, got a rare opportunity to visit with the pandas.

Jin Qiaoqiao said, "The pandas are so naughty. They crawled around here and there. They're just so special!"

The 30-series TV drama "Jin Sha" will begin shooting in April in Chengdu. It's scheduled to complete filming in July.

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