Top five fast-rising TV stars

2010-02-08 08:55 BJT


2009 was a year of drama for Chinese TV viewers. Varied themes and excellent actors are the key components of the popularity of TV dramas. Today we summarize the top five TV stars last year.


From Director Feng Xiaogang's 2005 film "A World Without Thief", to 2007 TV drama "Soldiers Sortie" and Feng's 2007 yearend war epic "The Assembly", actor Wang Baoqiang has risen steadily in the entertainment field. Last year's war drama "My Brother is Named Shunliu" brings Wang to a new pinnacle of his career, in which he plays a confident, active dead shot. The TV series also set a CCTV viewing record last year.


TV drama "Soldiers Sortie" marked the name Duan Yihong in viewers' hearts. Since then he has continued to play screen diehards. In 2009, Duan played in "My Chief and My Regiment", the Chinese version of "Band of Brothers", and won nationwide accolades. After that he also portrayed different characters in dramas "The Last 99 Days". Each role he plays is very challenging, taking his performance to a higher level.

No.3 Yao Chen "UNDERCOVER"

Famous for her Julia Roberts wide mouth, actress Yao Chen has won quite some fans for her unique appeal. After the TV comedy series "My Own Swordsman", Yao played a spy drama "Undercover" along with actor Sun Honglei, springing her to national fame. Her performance in TV expanded to films and stage plays. Movie "Sophie's Revenge" and stage drama "Du Lala's Promotion" maintained her popularity last year.


Just like Yao Chen, actress Yan Ni first became popular through the TV comedy series "My Own Swordsman". She embraced the second stage of her career in 2009 by playing Niu Xianhua in TV drama "The North Wind". The character is a strict yet kind village cadre who falls in love with a talented urban lad. For that role Yan clinched China's "Flying Apsaras" Award. She is now no more simply a comedian, but a queen of drama.

No.1 Sun Honglei "UNDERCOVER"

The frostily-faced cool guy Sun Hong Lei is undoubtedly the king of TV drama in 2009. Popular for portraying gangleaders for years, he again won the audience's nods in "Undercover" playing a Communist Party member who lurks in the spy department of Kuomingtang in the 1940s. He was also crowned Best Actor at the Shanghai International TV Festival and Flying Apsaras Awards. Now Sun has become the first choice to play army characters in China.

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