Preview: Highlights of Spring Festival Gala

2010-02-11 09:05 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |


The clock is ticking down to the annual Spring Festival Gala. The program was once again fine-tuned and adjusted for the fourth, and penultimate rehearsal on Tuesday afternoon. At a press conference in the morning, director Jin Yue guaranteed that this year's gala is original and varied.

Performance of "Little Tigers"
Performance of "Little Tigers"

Cross talk and short sketches regularly trigger the most laughs every year. This part of the program has risen to a total of ten performances this year. Most of the plays make use of trendy Internet topics and deal with down-to-earth issues. The inspiration comes from the knowledge that comedy sketches succeed not only from a collection of antics and humor, but also through credibility.

Huang Hong, actor, said, "When we go too far, people would find it empty and question the authenticity."

Gong Hanlin, actor, said, "Good skits are based on life. The fact it's credible makes it intriguing."

Director Jin Yue says the gala should offer not only a feast to the senses, but something for the audience after the laughter.