Gala brings greetings from homeland

2010-02-20 08:56 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |

An amazing cultural show has dazzled festive crowds in Paris. Overseas Chinese there were treated to a gala featuring singing, dancing, and performances representing different ethnic groups of China.

Entitled "Cultural China, Spring Festival Celebrated All Around", the gala entertained a full house at the Grand Rex Cinema House in Paris on Thursday night.

A percussion dance delivering joy and exuberance opened the show. Then songs offered by well known artists Liu Bin and Lv Wei created a sizzling atmosphere. They sang popular hits like "Five Star Red Flag", "My Homeland and I", "We Are Soldiers", which aroused homesickness from compatriots in the audience.

An amazing cultural show has dazzled festive crowds in Paris.
An amazing cultural show has dazzled festive crowds in Paris.