Feng Xiaogang: director turned singer

2010-02-22 10:29 BJT


Best known for his new year comedies, film director Feng Xiaogang took a break at the end of the last year. Rather than releasing a new film, he appeared as a singer.

Best known for his new year comedies, film director Feng Xiaogang took a break at the end of the last year. Rather than releasing a new film, he appeared as a singer.
Best known for his new year comedies, film director Feng Xiaogang took a 
break at the end of the last year. Rather than releasing a new film, he 
appeared as a singer.

As a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Feng sings the theme song "We" along with singer Han Hong for CPPCC activities. After two hours in the recording studio, Feng finally felt at home, and passionately delivered the song with his partner.

Feng first sang in public two years ago, as a guest at pop singer Yang Kung's solo concert. Originally, Feng was sitting in the audience, but when prompted by Yang, he walked onto the stage and belted out a song he wrote for his film "Cell Phone". Feng's performance even overshadowed Yang's.

Two years ago as a guest singer to add fun to his friend's concert, he now teams up with a veteran singer to record a song. Feng's fans have to admire his talent for beats, both in film comedies, and in pop songs.