Pop singer Sandy Lam

2010-02-22 10:56 BJT


Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam performed at Shanghai Grand Stage on Friday night. It was the first stop of her national tour called "One Zero Sandy".

Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam
Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam

Sandy Lam is one of the evergreen female singers on the Chinese pop scene. Many of her hits are still karaoke favorites. As the singer begins a new "Sandy" swirl across the mainland, let's take a retrospective look at her career that has spanned over two decades.

Sandy Lam has fans in Hong Kong, the mainland, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. She's been dubbed the music queen of the Chinese pop world.

She stepped into the showbiz spotlight after serving as a D.J. for Commercial Radio Hong Kong. And began her singing career in mid 1980s when she was signed to CBS Sony.

Starting with a youthful girl image, Lam gradually showed her strength both in singing and dancing. She combined western pop into Canto pop, and issued a string of "city-rhythm" tracks. Her mellow voice and tender delivery of songs rapidly won her legions of fans.

She won for three consecutive years for the best female singer trophy at the Hong Kong Pop Awards in early 1990s, and forged her status as Hong Kong's pop queen.

In the mid 1990s, Lam switched her focus from performing in Hong Kong to markets beyond, like Taiwan and the mainland. She also released a string of hit songs.