"Embracing China" debuts in Maryland, US

2010-02-23 08:48 BJT

Special Report: 2010 Spring Festival |


"Embracing China" has made its debut at Montgomery County in Maryland, US, for the Chinese new year. The performance was a night of warm nostalgia for overseas Chinese.

"Embracing China" has made its debut at Montgomery County in Maryland, US, for the Chinese new year. The performance was a night of warm nostalgia for overseas Chinese.
"Embracing China" has made its debut at Montgomery County in Maryland, US, for
the Chinese new year. The performance was a night of warm nostalgia for overseas

The show offered a wide array of performances, from song and dance, traditional folk music, to acrobatics and magic.

Famous singers, including young diva Chen Sisi, and veteran Cheng Fangyuan, presented their most popular songs.

"Embracing China" is organized by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Embracing China will stage seven performances in the US.