British director Boorman honored in Ireland

2010-02-23 08:48 BJT


Director John Boorman was honored with a life time achievement award at the 7th Irish Film and Television Awards in Dublin on Saturday night.

There was plenty of Star power on hand to pay tribute to British film director John Boorman.

Director John Boorman was honored with a life time achievement award at the 7th Irish Film and Television Awards in Dublin on Saturday night.
Director John Boorman was honored with a life time achievement award at the 
7th Irish Film and Television Awards in Dublin on Saturday night.

The director, whose work spans five decades, is known for his seminal films "Deliverance" and "Point Blank".

The French actress Juliette Binoche was the star of the evening in her tribute to the 77 year old veteran film maker.

Juliette Binoche, French actress, said, "No ego stuff, no power tricks, but surrender to the circle of creation with grace, intelligence and love, thank you for helping us with your films, thank you for being who you are, thank you, I love you."

The Wicklow based director was just happy that his actors had forgiven him.

John Boorman said, "Well it was very moving yes because of those tributes, I was very touched by it, you know making movies is a tough business you have to be, as a director you have to be very tough and you have to be brutal even sometimes and having kicked these actors around a bit you know it is quite nice to hear them forgive me."

Conor McPherson's film "The Eclipse" won the award for best film.

Best supporting actress Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan picked up the Best Actress award for her performance in Peter Jackson's "The Lovely Bones".

Colin Farrell walked away with the Best Actor award for his performance in Neil Jordan's "Ondine".

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