Liu Qian's magic boosts craze in China

2010-02-25 09:01 BJT


Star magician Liu Qian has gathered legions of fans, after performing for two consecutive years at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. This year, his unbelievable performance has added fuel to the craze for magic in China.

Liu Qian's magic
Liu Qian's magic

Taiwan magician Liu Qian created a sizzling atmosphere again at this year's CCTV gala. His string of magic shows has given birth to many studios and stores, which sell props and teach magic tricks.

A store called the Magic Headquarters located in Xidan's Mingzhu Shopping Mall in Beijing, is filled with magic fans, many of whom have acquired a taste for magic because of Liu Qian's performance.

The shop assistant says many people come to buy the props Liu Qian uses. They say they will learn the tricks he did during the gala.

Liu Qian's magic props are selling quickly both in shops and on the Internet.

The young magician impresses TV audiences because of his individualized performance. He uses daily household items like eggs and rings as props. For the second Gala show, Liu Qian came up with a brand new program, both fresh in content and style. Many believe that Liu owes his success to his concept of the trade.

Liu Qian said, "Magicians used to be someone distanced from the audience. He stands faraway on the stage, using flamboyant props, and complicated postures. But nowadays, I think the artform needs a breakthrough."

Liu Qian's up close magic also brings the audience close up. It shortens the distance between the viewers and the trade.

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