Chinese ink paintings exhibited in California

2010-03-02 08:59 BJT


In the U.S., local art connoisseurs are responding warmly to the Chinese Water and Ink Painting Exhibition currently underway at Stanford University.

In the U.S., local art connoisseurs are responding warmly to the Chinese Water and Ink Painting Exhibition currently underway at Stanford University.
In the U.S., local art connoisseurs are responding warmly to the Chinese Water
and Ink Painting Exhibition currently underway at Stanford University.

The free exhibition includes 110 priceless paintings, and represents the unparalleled artistic achievements from the four greatest Chinese painters of the 20th century: Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Huang Binhong, and Pan Tianshou.

The show also tries to explain how they developed the art and skills of Chinese traditional painting amidst an onslaught of western culture.

The exhibition runs through July 4th.

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