Fashion Asia Awrds issued in Hangzhou

2010-03-08 10:46 BJT


Dozens of Asian countries and regions have participated in the Fashion Asia Awrds. The awards, which involve all professions within the fashion industry, were handed out in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, in East China's Zhejiang province.

Dozens of Asian countries and regions have participated in the Fashion Asia Awrds.
Dozens of Asian countries and regions have participated in the Fashion Asia Awrds.

The powerful judging panel included leaders from TV stations, fashion magazines, industry associations, and well-known designers from across Asia.

They selected winners in 12 categories such as models, designers, brands, photographers, make-up artists, and tourist sites, with each category containing three to five nominees.

Celebrities in fashion industry coming from all over China were on hand at the awards ceremony.

A performance by twenty Asian models opened the show. They presented cosmetics and hair design of artists from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. They also showcased clothes of various ethnic groups from around Asia and the latest collection from Chinese designer Qi Gang.

Song and dance performances, hairstyle and fashion shows were all mixed in with the awards ceremony. And here are just a few of the big winners. Chinese designer Li Xiaoyan won the best designer award; Yi Ming from China, was honored as the best cosmetics and hairstyle designer; and the Miss Tourism Queen International was chosen as the most fashionable event.