Top five film during Spring Festival

2010-03-08 14:42 BJT


From romance and comedy to Kungfu and animation, a dozen films hit Hong Kong's big screen during the Spring Festival. On today's "Countdown", we'll take a closer look at the five most popular.

No.5 "Happy Goat and the Big Big Wolf"

The home-made animation "Happy Goat and the Big Big Wolf" broke the 43.5 million yuan record at the mainland's box office. The film's success on the mainland is attributed to the great popularity of the TV series of the same name. Without such a strong grounding, the comedy between the two natural enemies would have sold fare fewer tickets than it did on the mainland, though the Cantonese version lends voices from Hong Kong actors Michael Tse and Wang Cho Lam and actress Stephy Tang.

No.4 "14 Blades"

On the mainland, the Kungfu film "14 Blades" was a strong rival for the American blockbuster "Avatar". However, in Hong Kong it lost market share to another action film "The True legend Suqier". Moviegoers' different tastes and backgrounds on the mainland and in Hong Kong lead to different scores for the two.

No.3 "The True Legend Suqier"

"The True Legend of Suqier" has fought back well against "14 Blades" in Hong Kong, and in Taiwan, native pop King of Asia Jay Chou's role has given a guarantee of more success at the local box office. Famed action director Yuen Woo Ping leads a star-studded cast to enhance new glamour to the film "True Legend Su Qier", a classical story in China. However, it needs more effort to achieve victory.

No.2 "All's Well, End's Well"

The new version of the 1993 classic "All's Well, End's Well" triggers a chain of hilarity in cinemas. The film was full of confidence before it hit cinemas and did a good job, topping the box office on the first day, but gradually lost the battle to the comedy "72 Tenants of Prosperity" in Hong Kong.

No.1 "72 Tenants of Prosperity"

"72 Tenants of Prosperity" is a remake of the 1973 movie "The House of 72 Tenants", a classic in Hong Kong's film history. As a premise to the high anticipation of die-hard fans of the original, this story is a new creation. It also sees strong collaboration between Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers Studios and TVB. The film has a strong star-studded cast which also added to its odds-on success and finally topped Hong Kong's box office on the Chinese lunar new year holiday.

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