Ethnic music concert digs into tradition

2010-03-10 08:54 BJT


Two musical instruments modeled after a Tang Dynasty fresco will be performed at an ethnic music concert on Friday in Beijing. Artists from Central Ethnic Music Troupe will headline the show at the National Center for the Performing Arts.

Two musical instruments modeled after a Tang Dynasty fresco will be performed at an ethnic music concert on Friday in Beijing. 
Two musical instruments modeled after a Tang Dynasty fresco will be performed 
at an ethnic music concert on Friday in Beijing. 

The ancient, haunting melody of the jade flute takes music-lovers to the faraway deserts of Dunhuang, a major trade hub during the Tang Dynasty more than a thousand years ago. This flute requires greater breath capacity from the performer during performance because it is crafted from jade stone.

Zeng Gege, performer, said, "Descriptions of jade flutes can be traced in various Tang Dynasty poems. This one is about ten years old and is modeled after a fresco. It's very precious."

The concert gives people the opportunity to hear a modern performance from one of the country's oldest instruments.

Feng Xiaoquan, performer, said, "Based on the musical heritage, we tailored the program more to a contemporary taste."

With the frequent dialogue with musicians from other parts of the world, Chinese artists are finding new and creative ways to jazz up the atmosphere to attract a larger crowd.

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