Museum of Longtan opens in Beijing

2010-03-18 08:35 BJT


Dragon, or Long in Chinese, is a mythological totem for the Chinese nation. Now let's head to an exhibition of an ancient culture which may have contributed to forming of Chinese Dragon.

Hongshan culture is one of the world's earliest cultures, dating back more than 5 thousand years. Now the Museum of Longtan - Human and Humanities, has opened in Beijing to display relics from the Chinese culture, in the Neolithic Age.

Hongshan culture is one of the world's earliest cultures, dating back more than 5 thousand years. Now the Museum of Longtan - Human and Humanities, has opened in Beijing to display relics from the Chinese culture, in the Neolithic Age. 
Hongshan culture is one of the world's earliest cultures, dating back more than
5 thousand years. Now the Museum of Longtan - Human and Humanities, has opened 
in Beijing to display relics from the Chinese culture, in the Neolithic Age. 

More than one hundred government officials, archaeologists and cultural experts gathered in Beijing on Wednesday, to witness the opening of Beijing's first museum on Hongshan Culture.

Hongshan Culture derived its name from the Hongshan Mountain, inside China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It's credited with remarkable achievements in architecture, pottery-making, jade-carving and pottery sculptures, which were more advanced than those of its peers during the Neolithic Age.

The Museum of Longtan - Human and Humanities is exhibiting more than 20-thousand pottery relics, stone and jade wares from Hongshan culture.

The museum offers an ideal place for visitors to explore one of the origins of Chinese civilization.

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