Iceland makes Expo Pavilion statement

2010-03-18 08:35 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |


Iceland is set to make its first World Expo appearance, in Shanghai. The country considered pulling out after the global financial crisis. But now plans to use its 500 square-meter pavilion, to show the world it's recovering.

Iceland is set to make its first World Expo appearance, in Shanghai.
Iceland is set to make its first World Expo appearance, in Shanghai.

The Iceland Pavilion looks like an "Ice Cube". It's made of backlit printed fabric. And will have 500-kilograms of volcano stones, that were transported from Iceland, adorning the exterior walls.

Inside the pavilion, projection will be used to show the beautiful landscape and urban life in Iceland. The country's music is also set to impress.

The Iceland Pavilion will focus on the relationship between Icelandic people and nature, introducing how the country has learned to use clean, renewable energy in daily life.

Hit hard by the global financial crisis, Iceland had considered quitting the Shanghai World Expo. But ultimately the government decided to stay and cut the original budget in half. Iceland wants to show to the world, that the country is getting back on its feet.

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