New TV series taps marital issues

2010-03-22 12:58 BJT


"Good Times of Daughters-in-Law", the latest TV series from playwright Wang Liping, will soon air in Beijing. Revolving around urban families, the show focuses on marital issues. And the new attitudes adopted by the post-1980 generation, who are beginning to enter into marriages.

"Good Times of Daughters-in-Law", the latest TV series from playwright Wang Liping, will soon air in Beijing.
"Good Times of Daughters-in-Law", the latest TV series 
from playwright Wang Liping, will soon air in Beijing.

The show tells the story of three daughters-in-law, who encounter various troubles before tying the knot.

Their relationships with their mothers-in-law aren't smooth either. Their attempts to please the parents spark hilarious and sometimes bitter confrontations, which reflect prevalent marital problems in today's society.

Leading actress Hai Qing, who plays the wife in "Double-sided Sticky Tape" and "Wang Gui and An Na", is expected to deliver another insightful performance in the show.

Actress Mao Doudou is playing another wife, who has two mothers-in-law.

Acting the part isn't easy, but Hai Qing says that being a real daughter-in-law is even harder. She says that to achieve happiness, newlywed couples should put each other first, and adapt to married life.

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