Spy novel adapted for TV

2010-03-22 12:58 BJT

Chinese author Mai Jia is famous for his espionage novels dealing with matters of intelligence work that have long been invisible to the public. "The Message", Mai's 2007 novel, was adapted for the big screen and achieved tremendous success at the box office.

Now filming has begun for a TV adaptation of another of Mai's full-length works, "Whispers of the Wind", in Hangzhou.

Hu Jun, actor
Hu Jun, actor

The TV drama also focuses on the subject of secret intelligence agents. Although no further details of the scenarios have been revealed, cast members say TV viewers can expect a whole new story that will not be a mere copy of Mai's previous shows.

Hu Jun, actor, said, "I think this production focuses not only on espionage. There are also scenes that are very emotional, like those dealing with the relationships between Guo Xiaodong and Sun Ning, and my wife and I. There are plenty of scenes dedicated to emotional entanglement."

Guo Xiaodong plays the role of code cracker Chen Jiahu. Hu Jun plays opposite him as his arch rival-- a Kuomingtang official who tries to identify him at all costs.

Investors in the drama hesitated at the choices for the lead role. Finally Guo Xiaodong was offered the opportunity.

Guo Xiaodong, actor, said, "Every actor is individual. I think I'm capable of playing Chen Jiahu well."

Guo Xiaodong's schedule will be quite busy in the days to come. Apart from filming, he'll also have to spare some time for his pregnant wife, who's due to give birth in April.

Editor: Liu Fang | Source: CCTV.com